We enjoy adding new members to our team. To us, this field is always changing, and we have to be willing to think "outside of the box" if we are going to continue developing theories and practices that will eventually lead us to the answers we are seeking in this field. To add a member to our team is more than just filling a vacancy. It’s bringing in a new member of our family, who will be valued for their work ethic, investigative contributions and professionalism, just as much as they will for their opinions, theories and unique perspectives. When you work this closely together, under the circumstances in which we work, it is vital that the members of our team trust, respect and feel comfortable with each other. For this reason, we are very selective in who we add to our team.



-Investigating can be expensive!  Our team members are volunteers, rather than paid employees. So, the costs incurred as a member will be yours to cover personally.  Midwestern Paranormal Investigators does have a stock of equipment to be used on investigations.  However, this is team gear, and is not gear to be used by individual investigators on a regular basis.  You may be assigned a team K2 EMF meter or a REMPOD to run for the evening, but we would like members to provide there own audio equipment, flashlights, still cameras or other personal gear you choose to use.  You will also be required to purchase a Midwestern Paranormal Investigators tshirt to wear while on investigations. So, please consider these costs, as well as the cost of gas and meals while on investigations.


-Investigations can be exciting! It can also be very boring. We spend a good bulk of our time, sitting in dark buildings, quietly waiting while our equipment records various forms of data. Often, this is without gaining any anomolous data at all. So, while the thrill of investigating is at least a partial motivation for everyone in the field, please understand that the thrill often comes from being able to bring relief to a frightened client, or in the form of an anomolous event occuring on an occasional basis. It's not all like what we see on those TV Shows.



Historical sites and public locations, These clients are often scared, and have had to build the courage to even simply reach out to us. For this purpose, it is important that we maintain a professional attitude at all times. We do like to have fun, and are an easy going group to be around, but when the work begins, we must remember that we instill confidence in our clients by behaving professionally. Maturity, compassion and Integrity are the three things that are appreciated in our members, and that we feel are beneficial to our clients.


-We require that each team member be 21 years of age or older, and free of felony convictions. This is not only for the safety and well-being of our team and clients, but also keeps our integrity in good standings

-Please consider the fact that we must be seen as credible by our clients.  For this reason, we insist that our members be drug free, and arrive at investigations free of any prescriptions or mind/perception altering substances.